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Al Jazeera America
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
in the middle east. >>> this is free solo climbing or scaling a mountain without a rope. to us non-climbers, the best free soloist in the world will tell us what it's like to climb a mountain with nothing but your bear hands and chalk. welcome to "consider this." new jersey governor chris christie with an historic win in a big blue state. and in virginia agency race it was a suspenseful night with a race between a democrat and a conservative republican. it's where tea partyers got top billing. we'll take a sneak peek of staying power tha , and the seismic shift to the left. i'm joined which jeff warren, and bill snyder, professor at george washington university. they're both in our washington, d.c. studios, and here in studio with me is tom doherty, former senior adviser to george pataki. bill, let's start with you. chris christie, a big win. but when you look at the exit polls in a hypothetical match up to hillary clinton he would lose in his own state. >> it tells us that new jersey is still a blue state, and hillary clinton is still a very popular figure there. look, christie wo
Al Jazeera America
Nov 5, 2013 9:00pm EST
against protesters armed with rocks. ♪ >> good evening, and thanks for being with us. i'm joie chen. one of the best names in the treatment of dementia patients sits in a bigger debate, pharmaceutical companies, prescriptions and how doctors choose the medication they provide. johnson and johnson m settled about the government from 2002 to 2003 there was an off-labor use of the drug not approved by the fda. it has been since approved for dementia and young patients as well. and it has been an enormously successful product. it had $24.2 billion from 2002 to 2010, but it was the off-label period that raised alarm. the marketing effort including compensation to doctors amounted to reckless endangerment of patients young and old. >> the kick packs undermines adjustment of healthcare providers. it provides incentive to increase the use of drugs potentially putting the health of some patients at risk. the companies put down the risk of risperdol. put simply the alleged conduct is shameful and it is unacceptable. it displayed a reckless indifference to the safety of the american people, and it
Nov 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
. statehood can be a fiction that hides dangers lurking beneath. all of these challenges will be with us for the foreseeable future. there is not a short-term vision to these are a first century threats. we must manage through these realities as we engage these complex problems. staying focused on our long-term interests and long-term objectives and outcomes. the imperfect outcomes may be the most we can expect, working our way toward the higher ground of possible solutions. leveraging all aspects of our power, we must multiply and enhance our efforts by working through coalitions of common interest like nato. this is in fact our future. just as we have done since world war ii, but it now may be more essential than ever before. while these challenges are not america's responsibilities alone, they will demand america's continued engagement. no other nation, no other nation has the will, the power, the cast the, "he, and a network of alliances to lead international community in addressing them. however, sustaining our leadership will increasingly depend not only on the extent of an great p
Nov 5, 2013 5:00am EST
's eve. >> good advice. >>> there is a scam making the rounds and the scam artist even used our name, believe it or not. we'll explain that to you, coming up. what you need to be on the lookout for. >>> it is usually something you hear about, connected to young people. but now the nfl has its own case of bullying. that story is ahead. >>> one of the hotly contested elections today, is what is over in your food. >>> and in sports the redskins only have two days to prepare for your thursday night contest in minnesota. we'll have more on th obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. >>> another chilly one out there, 50s and 40s. heavy coat weather. not as chilly this afternoon. temperatures will be moderating some. you can see highs between 55 and 60 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. the 7 a forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain -- 7-day forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain. >>> great seneca highway, one closure remains in place, 16t
FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
't know what was going on or couldn't project what would happen. but we were all -- those of us who opposed obama care have been on the air, in print, on television, experts break do you think exactly what would happen. the logical economic consequences. so of course he knew and he chose to spin these untruths. and only now is he now piling on to the private insurance companies for one reason. at the want to say we tried to go private, and they're canceling -- >> they have lower ratings than tv anchors. >> and now the only choice is the single payor. >> how disin-again uhe us, you're in bed with them. you made the deal with them. watching the insurance companies layoff people and say, well, we have to do this -- they wanted all of the new people, they want to have this game. the white house made a deal with the drug companies. whatever acceptance the american people were going to have is whittling away. the question i have is why democrats, people who are hanging on there when bill maher takes apart debra wasserman schultz and tears her apart it for the lie, this is something -- cre
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
state police say there are no reports of injury. on the phone with us now is our own juan carlos molina. juan carlos, what can you tell us? >> well, john, we arrived at the mall just a few minutes ago. they literally turned us around and sent us to a parking lot right next to the mall. but they have the whole parking lot area near nordstrom on lock down. they are searching for somebody stills inside the building. happened around 9:30 a.m. shots fired near 9:30 near the nordstrom's shopping store inside the mall. they started bringing people out, evacuating people out. they have reports of the swat team is here, there is also a bomb squad here. we're assuming that these are ought preventive measures. -- all preventative measures. reports of one man, with armed with at least a rifle and possibly wearing black clothing, possibly wearing body armor. right now information is very sketchy coming out. but they are bringing people out of the mall and trying to keep people from going back into the mall. parts of the mall were starting to close but there are still restaurants and there's a movie
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
you for joining us, dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. lou: the polls have just closed in virginia, to hear some political pundits and savants hold for it, you might think that president obama was on the ballot, he is not, a contest between tea party republican ken cuccinelli, and establishment clinton democrat terry mcauliffe, we'll bring you the votes as they are counted and released. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, the votes are being tallied in virginia, all across the state, the pricincts are reporting as well, strong voter turn out in virginia. the attorney general there and republican gubernatorial candidate, ken cuccinelli has tried to capitalize on voter frustration with the president's obamacare train wreck. as his opponent terry mcauliffe tried to make the race about cuccinelli and his tea party conservative implement the polls have tightened since october 1 launch of obamacare, a race that looked to be a mcauliffe blowout a month ago, we'll bring you the highly anticipated results here momentarily, stay
Nov 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
presidential library back in april. >> thanks for coming on. to help us dissect all things obama care, we're joined by megan mccartel. how are you? >> i'm fine, thanks. >> we'll get to elections but a lot of talk about navigators and new york times reporting some states like kentucky, they've been very helpful. luke russert reporting on republicans though trying to use this sort of grass roots outreach as a potential pit fall. how important is it to have something offline to help people in states learn about what they can do under this law? >> well, i think right now it's very important. if the website isn't performing as we expected, it probably wouldn't be as important. you would still want that, especially for seniors who aren't always the tech savviest people. the issue is that the republicans are pretty fair on is that not all of the navigators seem to have been trained as much as you might like. the new york times article had a kentucky navigator telling a woman who is reluctant to sign up for medicaid, you could just sign up and use it for catastrophic expenses and pay your doctors
Nov 13, 2013 9:00pm EST
for joining us today. as you probably know it was a really, really busy news day. there was a lot going on. the administration released the enrollment numbers for the affordable care act. turns out in the first months of obama care going into effect over 100,000 people enrolled in new health insurance plans. president obama had tried to set expectations low for what the first enrollment numbers would be. his speech last month in boston, for example, noted that in the first month of sign-ups for the massachusetts version of health reform, only 100 people signed none the whole first month. but in massachusetts, eventually the glitches got ironed out, and enrollment numbers went up. and now in massachusetts, there is essentially universal coverage. that state is essentially the template for our national numbers. but the numbers out today, 100,000 people signed up in the first month. in addition, another one million people were determined to be eligible for getting a new play in marketplaces for health insurance. but they have not chosen a plan yet. the overall idea is for everybody to get ins
Nov 5, 2013 4:25am EST
down, 16th street, use beach or georgia avenue, and remember the culvert is shut down for six months as well so no shortcut either available for you there. 66 in get shape. manassas, centerville, we'll take a live look on northbound 95. looking fine in springfield. late this morning. back to the maps. the beltway is fine, again college park into silver springs, don't forget about the closure on 16th street because of the tree down in the road, we'll take a live look one more time here. andrea? mike? >>> there was a gunman suspected of firing shots in a mall in new jersey. he is now apparently dead. his body was found inside this mall. it happened yesterday at the garden state plaza mall in new jersey, and there were reports of gunfire just before closing and witnesses say the shooter was dressed in black. >> the mall was on lockdown, as officers went room by room. the suspect has apparently been found dead. let's recap what brought us to this point. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members stormed the garden state plaza mall in new jersey. a gunman opened fire just before closing time. the
Nov 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
are in english, language and arts. >> what we're finding today is that the common course is asking us to teach kids to be prepared for both college and careers. >> reporter: dawn clemons is principal of the capitol hill cluster which includes stewart hobbs middle school. >> we're using four different reads to get the et cetera sense of this complex techs -- essence of this complex text which is oftentimes two or three grade levels upon where the kids are reading. >> reporter: this type of strategy it's said is helping d.c. public schools improve faster than the rest of the nation. >> only one out of 51 can show the greatest improvement and that was d.c. >> reporter: the district is now closing the gap in math and reading scores since 2007. 4th grade reading in d.c. gained eight points above the national average, in math a 13 point gain over the rest of the country. d.c. 8th grade reading improved two points over the country's average and the same group in math a whopping 14 point gain over the national average. the district although not a state is compared to its neighbors and test scores s
Nov 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
find your paradise >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. let's talk about virginia. it's women's rights, it's voting rights, it's health care. in fact, cuccinelli says this is a referendum on obama care. really? and he is scared about obama care. of course, the state opted out of it, so it's the federal exchange that scares the hell out of him. how about these numbers, 7.8 million people live in the state of virginia, over 1 million don't have insurance, roughly 14% of the population. and ken cuccinelli is afraid that the 14 percenters, they might get helped? oh, yes, we're keeping a close eye on virginia. this race could really be a big set back for the tea party. i mean, when marco rubio goes to stump for this guy and says that the country is watching you, i'll take those odds. the latest poll shows democrat terry mcauliffe beating fringe republican candidate, ken cuccinelli, by six points. the polls, of course, are going to be open until 7:00 tonight, eastern time. get out and vote. >>> cuccinelli has been a vocal opponent of obama care, and he has made
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am EST
and no question. the number is -- you can also send us an e-mail, send us a tweet, or join us on this is what the question looks like on our twitter page. do you think there is an opportunity to get ahead in america i? , ifd on the new gallup poll you want to check it out it is online at opportunitynty of to get ahead here in america. the survey was released over the last couple of days. while the u.s. has historically prided itself on an open ended mobility, celebrating rags to riches stories, rising income inequality and a normally -- and abnormally high unemployment rate can call the question just how accurate this cherished belief is. politicians have focused on reducing social inequality as a key part of their policy initiatives. fewer believing there is opportunity to get ahead. -- to get ahead." 7:00 eastern time as we moved back one hour as wheat and daylight savings time over the weekend. let's share some of the headlines from some of the newspapers around the country. a preview of the vote in new jersey and new jersey -- in new jersey and virginia as ch
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was on track. >> reporter: after a lot of finger pointing in recent weeks, republican marsha blackburn fr tennessee pressed on who was to blame and asked if it was any of the top medicare officials. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> well, excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> reporter: more than four weeks after launch the website was taken offline again last night and remained out of commission all morning. >> the program has crashed and burned at least three times. and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> reporter: fixing it by the end of november is the administration's goal with some expressing the concern about the ultimate price tag on what's been an expensive launch so far. >> we have spent about $118 million on the website itself and about $56 million has been expended on other i.t. to support the web.
Nov 6, 2013 10:00am PST
stream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade. and a time when washington was often broken, just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> by all accounts, obama care did play a role in the election results, what that role was depends on whom you speak to in our cnn exit poll. 47% of virginia voters said they favor the health care plan. 52% said they opposed it. in new jersey, 48% in favor of obama care. 50% opposed. jim acosta has reaction from the white house. joe johns is following an important hearing that's just concluded up on capitol hill. the health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius testifying. jim, let me start with you over at the white house. how concerned is the obama administration right now that the affordable care act launch potentially could hurt democrats at polls going forward? >> well i think it's a very interesting question, wolf. you said by all accounts. everybody agrees that this hurt terry mcauliffe in the final stretch. but i would say there's one quarter of washington where they d
Nov 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
attkisson has the answer. an n.f.l. lineman quits over locker room harassment. mark strassmann tells us what it was all about. and elaine quijano on the forgotten p.o.w.s. they were captured and held in prison camps, so why did uncle sam turn his back? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is a special western edition. those who know paul ciancia are at a loss to explain friday's rampage at los angeles international airport and his apparent hatred for the t.s.a. today his family apologized. ciancia is accused of shooting a t.s.a. officer to death and wounding two other officers and a passenger. terrified travelers fled the terminal friday. police shot ciancia four times, his condition has been upgraded to good today, though he remains sedated and under guard. who is ciancia? ben tracy is at l.a.x. for us tonight. ben? >> reporter: scott, the alleged shooter is something of a blank slate-- no criminal record and, for someone his age, 23, he's posted very little online. his family says they're shocked and investigators are t
Nov 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
by the voters. dollarocracy can dig it up and that zombie idea will walk among us. >> and -- >> information in this country, personal information, is the new commodity. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- carnegie corporation of new york, celebrating 100 years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the kohlberg foundation. independent production fund, with support from the partridge foundation, a john and polly guth charitable fund. the clements foundation. park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb alpert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. more information at anne gumowitz. the betsy and jesse fink foundation. the hkh foundation. barbara g. fleischman. and by our sole corporate sponsor, mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement produc
FOX Business
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
. >> be sure to join us for a "lou dobbs tonight" special report, we'll be live at 10:00 eastern tomorrow evening, final results, president obama tonight joining liberal proponents of health care speaking at a rally of supporters in his reelect campaign, and so-called working dinner with top donors of obama army, organizing for action, starting tomorrow president, desperate to change the subject again from the obamacare disaster, hits the road, trying to create a blinding pivot from the disaster to all sorts of what he hopes will be mood altering or consciousness numbing subjects with a call for immigration regarment, and a healthy scare -- reform, in health care speech in texas, and talking about the economy on friday. in case anyone thought we were falling for that pivot thing, issue is, and remains obamacare. and the administration's ina bum to manage it or seemingly much of anything else, the know-nothing administration claims ignorance on the technology problems. your doctor too. obamacare joining a long list of administration scandals that are far from phony, of which president clai
Nov 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
for joining us tonight. >> thanks a lot. >> chris hays is up next. >>> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, chris christie spent the day basking in the glow of his resounding victory last night. but before we get caught up in what he called "the spirit of sandy" it is worth actually taking a look at the man's record. >> big news, big election results. >> big win for chris christie in new jersey, a boost for his presidential prospects. >> republicans are crowing about the big chris christie landslide in new jersey, as he prepares to become the national frontrunner for the 2016 race. >> was that a campaign speech for running for president in 2016? >> so chris christie is running on the theme "i can do it". >> chris christie emerged from last night's election as a frontrunner for the 2016 republican election. and he got there in no small part, thanks to hurricane sandy. but don't take our word for it. >> my pledge to you tonight is i will govern with the spirit of sandy. >> the spirit of sandy that christie evoked so many times last night is one thing. but the facts of the recovery are
Al Jazeera America
Nov 7, 2013 11:30am EST
. a look at what election 2013 tells us about the future. tonight on inside story. >> hello, i'm frank se sno. the ing goes all is politics, but the national implications are to be found in the political tea leaves. in virginia, a brass knuckle campaign brought terry mcauliffe to the governor's mansion, and in new jersey, republican governor chris christie raised his national profile with a landslide victory. did he surprisingly well with women, independents, moderates and minority voters. >>> and in colorado voters rejected a major tax increase for schools but voted for a tax to regulate it's new marijuana market. tonight on inside story we're going to search the results for clues to where the country is headed politically. first this background. >> in virginia it was a photo finish in the race for governor. businessman and former democratic national committee chairman terry mcauliffe eked out a victory against attorney general ken cuccinelli winning by a mere two and a half percentage points. the federal shut down may have had an impact. after the 16-day stretch polls showed cuccinelli
Nov 1, 2013 3:00am PDT
these kids in their costume. for those of us out of that. >> i can see you putting the candy out the door and walking away. >> we live on the ninth floor of the building with no trick or treating. >> that's just cold. >> sad, right? >> scrooge is what it is. >> let's keep going. i don't want to do the obama care story. >> we missed you yesterday. it was incredible watching you there. somebody said something about grown men. i said the morning after your team wins, there are no grown men. >> the night your team wins there are no grown men. >> one was, in some ways as fun or more fun than seeing the green monster and into the up field. >> we were throwing balls off the green monster and to the base. >> like children. >> a lot of fun going inside the green monster. speaking of trick or treating, we lived on the upper west side for awhile. then we moved to places undisclosed, then we were chased back into the city because of the hurricane last year and snowstorm the year before. we always did 69th street on upper west side. have you done that before? >> i haven't. >> that is the coolest stree
Nov 3, 2013 3:00pm PST
'm don lemon. it is 6:00 here in the east in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. we will have grizzly new details on the los angeles airport shooting. the shooter fired at point blank range at tsa officer hernandez who crumbled to the floor. the suspect walked away, turned around, and saw hernandez squirming on the floor. the suspect came back, shooting hernandez again, killing him. five people were shooting with including the suspected gunman, paul ciancia who is in critical condition. two others were treated at hospitals and released. 29-year-old high school teacher is in fair condition. he was shot in the leg. now to cnn stephanie elim outside l.a.x. stephanie, you spoke with a passenger who witnessed a shooting. >> reporter: don, it was crazy to hear his story. he said everyone hit the ground. he was up above the escalator, in he curity, wh when everything happened. there was a pause and he looked back down and that's when he saw everything else. take a listen. >> we were at security. we heard the initial gunshots. and everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks w
Nov 10, 2013 7:00am EST
, for the mountain pacific 3881. 202-585- you can post on twitter or facebook and e-mail us at in "the washington post" -- we want to hear from all of you this morning, what do you think? who are your leading candidates? republicans only. we did democrats only yesterday, talking about the next election cycle for 2014 and 2016. today, the white house in 2016. back to "the washington post" -- what do you think about who are the leading gop contenders for 2016? times" -- york vote is only this morning, who are your leading gop candidates for president in 2016? in "thel has written up ," saying thest plagiarism charges may hinder the candidate. the senator this week in a hearing, while talking about drawing tourist back to -- that is the republican senator taking a jab at chris christie, who was reelected in a second term in a landslide last week. and that the boston sunday globe this morning has a profile piece talking about the white house and the candidates for it. there have been some lengthy piece about mitt romney in 2012. he has a piece about senator ted cruz. t
FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 3:00am PST
forward. it never used to be like this with bill clinton. they used to take bill clinton on. i don't know what happened to "the new york times." they used to be somewhat interesting to read. the biggest defender happens to be one of the greatest architects. rahm emanuel's older brother ezekiel emanuel. his resume is impressive, his knowledge through the roof. as a communicator and interviewer he is possibly the rudest guy you can have. look at what he did to megan kelly through the week. it was the craziest thing, like a roller coaster at disney. >> chris wallace was talking about wait a second, grandfathering in this program is so narrow. people have a co-pay that goes up $5 over three years, they can't keep it. >> while the "new york times" is saying look the president simply misspoke, now mr. emanuel, brother of rahm emanuel, former chief of staff of the white house, says don't blame the president. blame those evil insurance companies. it's their fault. >> the law does not say sears drop coverage. sears decides what's good for sears. the law doesn't say to the insurance industry you dr
Nov 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
in democratic congressman john yar mouth of kentucky with us from louisville. good afternoon, sir. >> hello, martin. >> did you personally have an inkling that the health care rollout might not be entirely straight forward? >> well, not really. we all figured, i think, in congress that things were going to be running smoothly. that people could readily access the website and get the information they needed. of course, i'm here in kentucky, where we have done a phenomenal job. and have had great success already with about 40,000 people finding health care they never had before. >> what about the president's promise that those with policies that they liked would be able to keep them? did you ever have an inkling that might not pan out? >> yeah, well, i think early on many of us who were involved in writing the bill thought that he did not express himself clearly enough. that we all knew what he went. and what he meant was that there was nothing in the bill that was going to force an individual to change his or her policy. he didn't say it that way. and because we knew insurance companies canc
Nov 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
like he's already running for the white house. but i tea party favorite marco rubio sems us don't jump to conclusions about who can save us. >>> awakes new yorkers afternoon the smackdown. >>> plus stunning new video of bad behavior from a miami dolphins player. were the coaches calling more than the plays on the field. >>> i'm kofl blitz. you're in the "the situation room." >>> stunning victory in one state a painful defeat in other. republicans are already second-guessing the results of an off-year election that may have a huge impact on the race for the white house. chris christie is often criticized by conservatives, but is he the one to lead republicans back to the promised land? he sounds like he's campaigning already. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by. but let's begin first with erin davis. >> when a press conference today, chris christie said i think every day that you do a job like this one makes awe better executive. and he said, you think that would make me better prepared to be president. >> i'm not here to put on a show, i'm here to win. >> rep
Nov 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
to take us seriously because at the end of the day, we could all use a few more female friends and i'm pretty sure hillary clinton will have some she will be calling to hang out in 2016. that does it for "the cycle." martin, it's all yours. >> it's thursday, november 7th, and woe is the burden of chris christie. may the blood-letting begin. >> that's a pretty huge ego. >> we need moderates like chris clibs christie. >> stop annoying me. >> shows shown a way of womening in new jersey. >> there's only one group to blame, the house majority and their speaker. >> he said it's because there's not enough compromise. >> shame on congress. >> i think it is terrific that he's brash and outspoken. >> maybe the folks in washington, d.c., should tune in th their tvs right now. >> it's been a great working relationship. >> president obama called chris christie to congratulate him and he got crap for that. >> it's all about chris christie. >> way, hawing, look -- hey, washington, look at me. >> how about christie spending one day campaigning for ken cuccinelli. >> look at the knives coming out. >
Nov 10, 2013 6:50pm EST
influence in my life. as i said on the video -- [applause] as i said on the video, my mom used to say to me all the time, christopher, be yourself. because then tomorrow, you don't have to worry about trying to remember who you pretended to be yesterday. powerful words from a woman who i miss every day, but tonight, tonight, i know that my mom is looking down on new jersey and saying to me, i can feel it, she is saying to me, chris, the job is not done yet. get back to work and finish the job for the people of new jersey. that's exactly what i'll do. i love you, new jersey. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ >> in a few moments, prime minister's questions. after that, the victory speeches from governor chris christie and virginia are governor elect terry mcauliffe. another opportunity to see q and a. >> whether the election showed if you want to attract a majority of the hispanic voters and triple your african-american vote as a republican, you need to show up. you need to show to the places. in my state hall about a year and a half ago. i had 4.7% of the vote in 2009. i went to their and
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
they really want to hear from us because we're on ground as you know in our own communities. i deliver that frustration on a fairly regular basis to the white house. today was more direct. >> that anger from demrats may explain why the white house left the meeting off the president's publicchedule for the day. it was only aftergitch and democrats like mark udall of colorado started lashing out with press releases. udall told the president he need to push back the enrollment period beyond march 2014 and need to get more seous about putting in new safeguard for online privacy. udall declaring "i also told the president for the affordable care act to succeed, consumers need to be confident their persal information is secure. we need to do everything in our power to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyber attacks." a democratic source familiar with the meeting terms me tt some senators floated the idea of a delay of up to one year for enrollment and fines. that would be a major change. the president of course did not agree. but i'm told the senators felt it was a constructive
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 10:00am PST
and producing a product that all of us could be proud. >> in your zeal to implement the law not warnings or advice or council deterred you. you said america should hold you accountable. i repeat my request for you to resign. >> do it now, and the second rule is do it right the first time. why not shut down and do it right? >> the only thing i can conclude it is impossible to do something in this administration to get you fired. you can lie to the american people and misrepresent the facts, but it is impossible to get fired. >> that is a sam pling of what we saw. we have host of power play. chris, did we reset things in the hearing. >> can you burn the same house down two times? i am not sure. it was worse. it was worse for cathlone sebelius this time than it was last week when she was at the house. >> how come? >> it was coming from democrats and the criticism was sharper and the consequences are real now as millions are off their health insurance policies and her and her team could not build a website would be embarrassing before and now dire consequential for the people whose policies
Nov 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the deceased owner of the oakland raiders, al davis, used to say "just win, baby. just win." he used to walk around practice biting his nails, because he was nervous about everything. but you knew what he wanted. he wanted the sick tree. the number one story in america over the past few weeks has been problems with obama care. you know, it's interesting. of all the voters in virginia last night, only 24% of them said that obama care was their number-one issue. you know what the number-one issue was? putting jobs first. terry minneso terry mcauliffe knows the narrative, what is striking at the heart of the middle class in this country, knows what is going to revitalize this economy economically. it is jobs. virginia, i just want you to know, not only is he a nice guy, he's a hell of a businessman and he's going to create jobs in virginia. in fact, he'll do a heck of a lot better job in virginia than scott walker has ever done in wisconsin, if you want a comparison. terry mcauliffe will get it done. now, back to obama care for a moment. rememb
Nov 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
for joining us tonight. >> thanks a lot. >>> yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. call them the nasty boys. when they lose, they're quick to shift the blame the other side. the cruz wing blames the republicans for the defeat of cuccinelli. they blame the republicans in the senate for not backing the tea party and the house of representatives. they wanted to keep the thing going even if it meant economic catastrophe for the country. today the u.s. stock market reached the highest level in history, and the cruz wing conjured up the most desperate explanation for the loss last night. there's something about any politician that refuses to back anything by the other side and never misses a chance to blame it, even when everybody on the planet sees that it's the crazy -- david axelrod is with us. and a senior political analyst, and also msnbc analyst. i think there's something in the character. and it may not all be the right wing. when you have a guy like cuccinelli who from the beginning looked like a problem, somew
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